Yes? Awesome! We are always looking for new artists to showcase. Our makers create high-quality, unique, and innovative work and art. Once you've read through this entire page, apply HERE.

We welcome makers and artists of every experience level. That means, we will work with brand new businesses and established makers as long as your work is of the highest quality and your brand fits our customer's needs.


Our boutique works with the industry standard of a 50/50 consignment split, no additional fees, and we pay the sales tax. Basically, this is the same as wholesale "keystone".

What we do for you...

*We showcase and celebrate you and your work within the store, on Instagram, on Facebook, and in our newsletters!

*We can give you customer feedback and demographic information.

*We are located in a high-trafficked, tourist destination, and our customers come from around the world. You, your art, and your brand will have immeasurable domestic and international exposure. 

*We maintain your inventory records and update you each month.

*We take the time to educate ourselves on you and your line so we can share that with our customers, connecting the maker with the buyer.

*We display your work with the utmost care and pair you with other products that will benefit you and other makers. 

*We will work with you to promote your work for special occasions and promotions.

*We will invite you to participate in special events.

*Some of our makers will have the opportunity to participate in larger scale promotions within the store for no additional fee. 

*We throw a holiday party and invite all of our artists to bring their families and join us!

Important info...

*We will sell your work for the same retail price as you do, no exceptions.

*We love having you label your products with identifiable branding. If labeling, please have it retail ready with a non-dominant display of your .com only (not linking directly to an online marketplace). 

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